Translation Team Members: Translation is always best done by mother-tongue speakers of the target language and involves a team of checkers/reviewers and testers:

Project Coordinator (often a missionary): who speaks the language fluently or is learning it and the culture

Translator: (writer of the first draft) A mother-tongue speaker who is spiritually mature, has good ability in both his mother-tongue language and its culture and also the source language, a hard worker, detail-oriented, self-motivated, disciplined, humble, able to accept suggestions, willing to ask for help when needed, a good team player, committed to seeing the project through to completion.

Assistant to the Translator: (his "second") should have the same qualities as those listed above for the translator. He or she works closely with the translator in producing the manuscript that is sent to checkers and in finalizing the manuscript before printing.

Checkers (reviewers): Most are mother-tongue speakers of the target language and know its culture well. They also must be hard workers, able to work independently, and good team players. The group of checkers should include both males and females, representing various age groups and various dialects of the target language. They are often asked to do research among other mother-tongue speakers to resolve questions of vocabulary choice, etc. They are asked to read the manuscript to other mother-tongue speakers and report their responses as part of the checking process.

Testers: These mother-tongue speakers conduct the testing of the manuscript before it is published. See the List of Steps in a Translation Project for more information about the testing process.

Consultant: This person is knowledgable in the original language of the text and helps the translation team verify the accuracy of the translation. He may visit the project just once or twice a year, depending upon the project.

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