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The goal of WORD Ministries is to ensure the production of accurate, natural and understandable mother-tongue Scriptures and other evangelism and discipleship tools, and to promote the development of effective translation, literacy and ESL programs on all ABWE fields as a vital part of church-planting efforts. With a team of more than thirty trained and experienced consultants, we provide help to ABWE colleagues undertaking translation, literacy and ESL projects.

This help takes many forms:
  • initial survey work
  • planning and guidance in projects
  • hands-on consultant help for both missionaries and nationals
  • help with production of materials (printing, graphic arts, etc)
  • promoting use of materials
  • seeking funding for major projects
  • follow-up consultation
  • evaluation of translation, literacy and ESL programs

If our evangelism and discipleship efforts are to bear fruit, we must use tools that touch the hearts of the people we are trying to reach. Producing effective literature and audio materials in the heart language of the people we serve should be an integral part of any church planting effort. ABWE's International Translation, Literacy and ESL Ministry (WORD Ministries) stands ready to help both missionaries and nationals to produce needed materials in support of church-planting endeavors.

MOTTO: "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God."

VERSE: Psalm 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

More than 380 million people today have no Scriptures available to them in their mother tongue. The need of these millions is one of the reasons that the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism has initiated WORD Ministries, a world-wide translation, literacy and ESL outreach effort.

Information About Preparing Simple English Translation Bases:
A Brief Manual
Wycliffe's Easy English Website

Having God's Word written in their own language does not benefit the more than 2 billion people in the world who cannot read. More than one-half of the world's adults cannot read; in some places as many as 90% of adults are illiterate!

Teaching English as a Second Language opens doors to many places closed to the Gospel message. Through classes, relationships are formed and individuals are reached for Christ. In almost every country of the world ESL is being used as an effective outreach tool.


Bill and Vicki Ivester, Ministry Coordinators

Dr. Lynn Silvernale, Translation Coordinator

Dr. Michael Pasquale, ESL Coordinator

Mr. Reid Minich, ESL Consultant

Dr. Vladimir Dervishi, Translation Consultant

Heidi Davis, Translation Consultant

More than 30 part-time consultants
scattered around the globe

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